Super Peach Boy

Game design, Branding, Mobile
Creative South wanted a mobile game to compliment the conference, so we made Super Peach Boy!
The Challenge
How do we create a fun game that incorporated eating healthy - a habit that Mike Jones wanted to be the goal of the game.
The outcome
We created a mobile game that honored old-school vibes, with an endless platformer mechanic. The goal was to end up on the high score board!
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Creative South is an annual conference hosted in Columbus, GA. It's a fantastic creative event with amazing speakers and many opportunities to make friends. In 2018 the CS team approached us with a fun idea. That year was going to be video game themed and they wanted us to help create a complimentary mobile game for all attendees.

We brought back our old team from BentoBlox and got to work. Matt Buckley built the game on Unity, Sulkin' Raven created all the sound effects and music, and we created all the UI and pixel art by hand.

In the end the attendees went crazy for Peach Boy! Everyone was playing - and the highest score was (and still is) over a million points!
after hours
Even during after hours, we found ourselves surrounded by people playing our game.
The game has an intro from the founder of Creative South himself -- Mike Jones.

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