Paramedics know how difficult it can be to find the right information for life-saving care. MURU was designed for military and civilian EMTs.

The Client

Your Medical Guru

MURU was founded by Steven Blocker. Steven is a paramedic who was sick of the problems in the industry, so he decided to build a solution. He hired our team as well as a diverse group of paramedics and engineers who were driven to help solve this problem.

research & discovery

Mapping out the Problem

Speaking with both the MURU team as well as Paramedics in the field we were able to start mapping out the key screens we would need to design for the application.


Changing the Tone

After testing, we realized that the app needed a more serious tone and brand in order to be used effectively and with confidence. Our first approach was too playful to be taken seriously in the field.

Key screens

Bringing it all together

Here are some, but not all of the features that we designed for the first version of the MURU App. The app focuses on search with the ability to use lay-terms as well as use keyword associations to help showcase related queries and results.
Within the first few screens we had to gather trust, download the user’s data, and educate them on how to use the app.
This is the most important feature of the app. Quick search using EMS language helps generate accurate results and calculations.
Detail pages and notifications
Key sections and results in the app are color coded in order to allow the information to be easier to skim.
Patient filters
Users can create filters based on patient information in order to inform the results they see in search.

Some of our other work