Sass products
A shop owner wanted to create an app to help his tattoo and piercing shops with digital consent across North America. After satisfying his immediate needs, we launched to other shops and built out a suite of SaSS products.

The Client


BodyArt was founded by Roma Kahlon. Roma owns multiple tattoo and piercing shops in Canada and the US. He hired our team as well as our partner CTO, Chris Bell, in order to have us design, build and launch his new startup with a suite of products and marketing materials to support it.

research & discovery

Mapping out the Problem

We interviewed shop employees to hear about the current pain points of their paper systems, as well as how things have changed with COVID. We were able to map out each product's key screens in order to understand the scale of what we needed to build.

mobile app

The Customer's Experience

One of the key products was the mobile app that customers would use to fill out digital consent. We designed and built these apps for both iOS and Android, as well as as created a web guest version.
Clients provide the service that they would like the shop to provide. This can include piercings, tattoos or permanent makeup. They then provide personal information, medical history and e-consent to the shop.

web app

The Shop's Experience

The shop is able to manage consent via a web app - which makes it accessible for any employee in the shop, from any device.

Marketing website

Targeting the industry

There are no other consent products that are specifically for tattoo and piercing consent, so we wanted the marketing website to reflect that. This is a custom product for specific clientele.

Some of our other work