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Who we are -

We’re a team that helps each other grow, both creatively and as people. If you’d like to collaborate, don’t hesitate to reach out!
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Our classic engagement, where you pay us to build something great!


We’re always crafting and creating our own products based on problems we want to improve.


We also provide product and design direction or capital to startups and companies in need.

Our stellar team

Sara Stewart

Sara Stewart


Sara is a creative and technical leader who is looking to grow Clade as a global agency that provides services, builds products, and helps designers achieve their goals. She has worked for and with a variety of Fortune 500 companies in NYC and SF before co-founding Clade. She has given talks at conferences like Adobe MAX, Creative South, Girl Develop It, and Hexagon UX (formerly XX+UX).

Logan Faerber

Logan Faerber

Creative Director

Logan is an athletic nerd who makes an effort to stay up to date on the latest games or comic while also exploring the beautiful outdoors. He loves running, reading, board games, horror movies, coffee, tacos, and primarily listens to female pop musicians or metal (hail female Satan!). Before death he would like to visit every US State, National Park, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland.