UX & UI, Game design, Branding, Mobile
A modern, mobile take on the classic Japanese puzzle game known as Shikaku.
The Challenge
How do we create a compelling game in a world already so filled with them? How do we make sure it's relaxing to play? 
The outcome
We used our design skills to create an elegant gameplay mechanic. We then added music to reinforce the feeling of the game.
Get the app
One of the internal products we've created here at Clade is BentoBlox. An app inspired by meditation, relaxation, and a love of games. BentoBlox began as a “hack day” project that over time became fully realized. It took a few weeks of regularly working on it until things just started falling into place and we thought, “Wow, this thing might actually come to fruition.”

We collaborated with our friends; Matt Buckley - who developed the whole thing, and Sulkin' Ravin - who created a mesmerizing soundtrack. Through an amazing partnership of friends, we now present BentoBlox for you to enjoy!
User testing
We showcased the app in NYC at a Playcrafting event. Here we were able to see people play for the first time! It was a hit.
Day Mode
Between the hours of 6am and 6pm the game is set to Day Mode, where the palette is bright and colorful, and the music upbeat.
Night Mode
After 6pm the game will default to Night Mode, where the colors shift to a darker, more neon palette, and the music becomes slower and more ambient.
The Website
We designed and developed a simple splash page to show off our new product. The website also had a day and night toggle.

Some of our other work