We developed and created an entirely new illustration style to fit DockYard’s rebrand as they rebuilt their website.
The Challenge
We were approached by DockYard as they started to think about how they wanted to rebrand their website. They wanted to have a strong illustration style, so they came to us in order to help identify what that style should be and then implement it in new illustrations.
The outcome
We worked with DockYard’s design and development team in order to make sure the new style fit the website redesign. The result was a successful rebrand featuring over 50 new illustrations and icons seen by their global audience.
We always love working with DockYard. They are a fully remote design and development agency that frequently gives talks and hosts events for the Ember and Elixir communities. We worked alongside their team throughout this multi-month long engagement.

This website redesign was all about finding their new style. We had a lot of fun brainstorming with their team about their vision and what they wanted the brand to express for their business needs. We started by working off of key words and prompts from their content team.

We had a lot of fun collaborating with their content, project management, design and development teams on each of the various illustrations.
Here you can see some of the initial style directions that we explored. Each style still aligned with the company's concept and values, but showcased them in different ways. We decided to explore the same sketch in these various styles in order to narrow down on the look and feel, before sketching out the remaining concepts.

We looked at inspiration across various mediums in order to explore a variety of unique styles and treatments. We looked at inspiration across children's books, editorial illustrations, and modern product illustrations. Each style would bring a different brand message attached to it.

In the end we wanted to focus the company on a sleek, modern style that would lend well to the current market. We leaned into curves, gradients, and harsh shadows.
Final Illustrations
After getting consensus on a final illustration style we were able to execute on all the illustrations across the site. You can see some of those final illustrations below!
Product design
Staff Augmentation

Some of our other work