Mars Petcare

Treat - a nutritional meal-planning app for pets owned by Mars, Inc - wasn’t attracting new users. Clade was brought in to provide a UX audit that would get the app back on track.
The Challenge
Treat was failing to both convert new and maintain existing users. Without any existing userbase, Mars was at a loss as to why.
The outcome
We provided an onboarding audit, competitive analysis, user testing report, and some concept screens to demonstrate a successful direction moving forward.
Treat was purchased by Mars, Inc. as a niche solution for pet owners who need both on-demand veterinary advice as well as personalized food subscriptions for their pets. By owning every Banfield Pet Hospital across the United States, Mars could also provide coupons for veterinary services to consumers directly through the Treat app.

However, Treat had a huge problem: only one user had finished the app onboarding flow, and there were zero recurring users. This was caused by a disconnect around what the app was supposed to provide versus what users actually wanted. We set out to discover why these problems existed and to figure out how to realign the app in order to appeal to their target customers.
The biggest problem that we saw right away was that onboarding was 49 steps, only ending after users had been required to pay for a pet food subscription upfront. A user had no way to determine the app’s value before paying for it.
We sought out to simplify the onboarding experience to something that would allow users to sign up, see what the app provides, and then choose which services they were interested in paying for.

We recommended lowering the bar of entry so that Treat would be able to grow their userbase in order to get more analytics around user interests, which would enable them to improve and grow the app long-term.
We created wireframes for onboarding as well as core screens in the application in order to re-imagine the way that users would understand the value of the app's services.
After conducting an audit and light ethnographic user research, we were able to wireframe a new experience for Treat’s users.

We wanted to showcase to users the services provided by Treat more clearly and allow users to start interacting with the app before purchasing a subscription.
Along with creating a couple key screens for the app itself, we worked on re-imaging the branding across web and marketing materials.
We wanted to change the app to make it more approachable for millennials who are used to subscription services. This included a new illustration style, simplified home screen, as well as updated copy to make certain sections and actions in the app more clear.

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